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Approval Status

Approved by: The Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India.

Name of Institute: Trident College of Marine Technology

MTI No: 312020

Post-Sea Training Courses

  • SMS

    Ship Manoeuvring Simulator & Bridge Team Work

    Approval No: TR/A/22/2010

    Dated: 27/07/2010

    Intake: 8 Students


    Electronic Chart Display and Information System

    Approval No: TR/A/96/2013

    Dated: 16/04/2013

    Intake: 12 Students

Pre-Sea Training Courses

  • (G.P.) Unit-I

    Pre-sea Training for Rating Unit-I

    Approval No: TR/A/150/2001

    Dated: 18/12/2001

    Intake: 40 Students

    (G.P.) Unit-II

    Pre-sea Training for Rating nit-II

    Approval No: TR/A/29/2003

    Dated: 26/03/2003

    Intake: 40 Students

    (G.P.) Unit-III

    Pre-sea Training for Rating Unit-III

    Approval No: TR/A/106/2014

    Dated: 04/06/2014

    Intake: 40 Students


    Certificate Course in Maritime Catering

    Approval No: TR/A/152/2001

    Dated: 18/12/2001 & 24/08/2004

    Intake: 40 Students

STCW'2010 Modular Courses

  • E.F.A.

    Elementary First Aid

    Approval No: TR/A/144/2001

    Dated: 10/12/2001

    Intake: 20 Students


    Personal Survival Technique

    Approval No: TR/A/145/2001

    Dated: 10/12/2001

    Intake: 20 Students


    Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

    Approval No: TR/A/146/2001

    Dated: 10/12/2001

    Intake: 20 Students


    Security Training for Seafarer with Designated Security Duties

    Approval No: TR/A/95/2014

    Dated: 20/05/2014

    Intake: 24 Students