Class Room Sessions:

There are intensive and interactive sessions during which the lecturer takes the students through exclusive study materials and handouts. Modern teaching aids include projectors and slide shows with audio and visual inputs to make the sessions stimulating and interesting. The modern air-conditioned classrooms are spacious and conducive for lectures, presentations and seminars.



The Library of TCMT is an ocean of  knowledge which has no boundaries. Extensively rich and rare collection of  Books, Publications, Video Cassettes & CDs pertaining to all aspects of Maritime Education, help students get access to and gain limitless knowledge. An Online Library keeps students updated and well informed about the latest developments in the marine field.


The most integral part of learning Seamanship is the Workshop. Practical knowledge about Engine room machinery and other technical jobs are acquired here. The fully equipped Workshop provides extensive technical know-how related to Seamanship Equipment, Carpentry, Plumbing, Machinery, Marine Engine Room machinery maintenance, Hot-work jobs like Welding, Cutting, Fabrication, Electrical jobs and other important aspects of seamanship. Workshop of TCMT is instrumental in providing the required confidence and skill of a true seaman.

Demonstration Room:

The TCMT Demonstration Room has vivid range of modern Seamanship, Navigational & Safety equipment ranging from Sextant to Safety Harness, Life jacket to Fireman's Outfit, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons to Smoke Signal, Gyro Compass to Aneroid Barometer to name a few. Operations and use of this vast range of equipment at the demo room generates immense confidence to the students & they become well acquainted with items carried on board ships.

Computers and Networking:

The college has state-of-the-art computing services system that integrates the use of IT in every discipline. The modern and highly advanced air-conditioned computer laboratory is equipped with IBM servers, D-Link networking and 80 state-of-the-art nodes.

F&B Production Lab:

The F&B production lab is designed to give students that extra edge, helping them to unleash their creative talents and fulfill their dreams of becoming master chefs.

Boat/Swimming Pool:

At TCMT campus we impart one of its kind 'Boatpool Training'. A large Boat pool with Life Boat and its launching/recovery facility through actual Davit arrangement provides realistic scenario & training which prepares the students to deal with emergency situations onboard. A state-of-the-art swimming pool in the campus makes students of TCMT proud of their institute. Regular practice and training of swimming is the daily routine of Pre-Sea training.

P. T., Parade:

Physical training and Parade in the morning is a must for all the Pre-Sea course candidates. They will possess very good skills on drums and bugles and will become thoroughly regimented & disciplined persons with a strong will & physique, which will assist them to overcome the hurdles in life to reach their goals.


Highly experienced senior Merchant Navy Officers with rich knowledge of  the Industry train students to become truly professional and competent seafarer who can withstand the present stringency of the Shipping Industry. Students derive maximum assistance and support and the atmosphere is conducive for easy assimilation of knowledge. In addition, ; visiting faculty comprise reputed experts from educational and corporate sectors.

Halls of Residence:

As all the Pre-Sea courses are residential, in nature hostel life plays a significant role in the personality development and self-orientation of trainees.

Seamanship Practices:

Training is imparted on Mast climbing, ladder work & realistic Shipside Mock & stage work etc. by simulating the real shipboard conditions.

Life at the TCMT halls of residence is stimulous, interesting, relaxed, comfortable and yet very disciplined. There are plenty of recreational activities like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, carrom, darts etc. T.V. rooms and a gymnasium further add spice to the leisure hours. Students are encouraged to participate in activities with a view to nurture their hidden talents. There are quiz competitions, elocutions, art and model competitions, cricket & football tournaments, musical events and fetes. Students of TCMT cherish many joyous & vibrant moments throughout their training period.